Df not updating solaris

Typically once a quarter schedule is adequate as it gives time to test the patch cluster.

Here definitely less is more One thing to look out for with firmware patches (PROM patches in particular) is that some don't like having a serial-port-attached terminal for a console.

The patch number typically does not change, however the revision number changes with every new release. The command can be executed by any user and does not require root privileges.

Determining the completeness of patching the kernel revision status on dozens of servers is a time-consuming process.

df not updating solaris-81

Make sure you read the postscript files before you install patches, because the README files don't have this information. Some patches replace binaries wholesale, and most recommended and suggested clusters include updates to Sendmail and BIND.

Each patch must be downloaded, placed on each server, uncompressed, untarred, installed, and removed.

The recommended patch cluster is a zip file with the OS version as a prefix, for example for Solaris 9 it will be .

For instance, a search of may reveal that a patch exists that looks like an exact remedy to a problem.

Great, but a quick exchange via ticket can sometimes reveal that the problem is a hardware issue, or that there's a procedure that needs to be followed that isn't indicated in the patch README.

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